28 October 2008

Bill Cosby Talks to the Kids About Drugs (Download Link Fixed!)

**Update: 30 May 2015 - Given Bill Cosby's recent return to the news, a lot of my friends have been asking for a copy of this. Download link fixed**

Yes, I'm dead serious. Listen for the Cos as he sets these kids straight. Better to sit on a stoop with Dr. Huxtable then robbing his kids out in front of their palatial-yet-subtle Brooklyn dwelling.

Hit up Wikipedia for more info:

Track listing

  1. Introduction - Downers And Uppers
  2. Questions and Answers
  3. Dope Pusher
  4. Bill Talks About Hard Drugs
  5. I Found a Way Out
  6. Order In The Classroom
  7. People Make Mistakes
  8. I Know I Can Handle It
  9. Bill Talks About Pushers
  10. Captain Junkie
  11. Bill and the Kids Sing / Closing
Download HERE (mp3 format)

DJ /Rupture - Low Income Tomorrowland

I can't even begin to express how much I am enamored with Jace Clayton's ability to take pretty much every sound in the world and put it together in concrete. This is a mix in an amazing line of others (Gold Teeth Thief, Minesweeper Suite, 58:46, Bidoun Sessions, Secret Google Cheat Codes) that take a stack of records, shoot them diagonally at close range and then pile the pieces into a vat that turns out something beyond words.

That was the best run-on sentence ever!

Give love to Mr. Clayton and read his brainpickin' blogs. Tell him I'd show him my things, but I'm not a woman, not even in the pre-op sort of sense.

Mudd Up: http://www.negrophonic.com

The album has hidden mp3 tracks of a live mix for BTTB FM (Germany). Just shoot me an email if you want these.

Tracklisting (courtesy of Discogs):

Label: Applecore Records
Catalog#: Applecore 01
Format: CD, Enhanced, Mixed
Released:31 Dec 2005
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Reggae
Style: Reggae, Grime, Breakcore, Hip Hop, Ragga
Credits: DJ Mix - DJ /rupture
Notes:Low Income Tomorrowland inaugurated Lemon-Red's mix series.

Artwork by Manydolls.com, age 4.

Plus bonus data "BTTB" live 4 german radio mix (90 minutes, 6 mp3s), and there is also an image of “Kopying Kills Kapitalism” called kopy.jpg.

Track 1b is incorrectly listed with the title "Hip-hop"
Track 7a is incorrectly listed with the title "Old Skool Armageddon"
Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote) Rate It
Submitted by:wiredforsound
2 for sale in the Discogs Marketplace


1a Filastine Judas Goat (3:46)
1b dead prez It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop
2a M.I.A. (2) Pull Up The People (D'Explicit Remix) (2:18)

Remix - D'Explicit
2b East Connection We're Ready (Devil Mix)

Remix - Wiley (2)
2c Lewi White 1 & All
3a Crime Mob Stilettos (3:42)
3b Pandoras Box Unknown
4a DJ Class Tear The Club Up (2:20)
4b Bone Crusher (2) Never Scared
5 Sister Nancy Bam Bam (2:05)
6 Sizzla Got It Right Here (50 Cent Blend) (2:15)
7a Bong-Ra Murder You (Ruff Inna Jungle Rmx) (4:19)
7b Junior Byles Fade Away (Version)
8a Jahba Bush Is A Pussycloth (1:55)
8b Krumble Backward Country Boy Explosion
9a Malica Special Request (3:06)
9b Rotator Dissident Sound Maniak
10a DJ Technics Jungle Joint (2:51)
10b David Banner Crank It Up
10c Team Shadetek Two & A Half Months
11 Tracy Chapman Behind The Wall (3:11)

DOWNLOAD: Click HERE (mp3, lame v3.97 beta 2, -apx -vbr 0)

Capcom - Street Fighter Game Soundtrack

I was kicked rather low when I tried to use the original CD insert scan for this album. In return, of course, you'll find some scary fan art instead.

Get the CD jewel liner scan

This album has all of the sound samples: character quotes, kicks, punches, the nationality-neutral guy who lists out the countries, even the coin insert and countdown timer sounds.

For the true nerd, which is probably you, if you're reading this. It sure as hell is he.

Download HERE (mp3 format)

23 October 2008

Tim Hecker and Fennesz Album Pack

This pack will surely whet your tastes for electronic, ambient music, experimental combinations of each as well as some humor to show the artists aren't crazily serious or stuck on their work.

Tim Hecker and Fennesz have an affinity for drowning in ether, having lived in your visual periphery just prior to jumping in. Tim Hecker's sound is purely airy, living above the surface of ambient textures, samples of faraway spirits of voice, ominous percussion intrusion and Van Halen interview snippets to boot! Fennesz, like Hecker, creates albums that follow a pattern. His compositions tend to be grounded, but they wonder through Earth's elements and the bounds of human emotion and memory.

Included are:

Fenessz - Endless Summer (discogs)
Fenessz - Venice (discogs)
Tim Hecker - Haunt Me, Haunt Me, Do It Again (discogs)
Tim Hecker - Radio Amor (discogs)
Tim Hecker - Mirages (discogs)
Tim Hecker - My Love Is Rotten To The Core (discogs)


22 October 2008

Circle Takes The Square - As The Roots Undo

This album is truly deserving of the term amazing. Loud/quiet dynamics, tight bursts of faithful emo intensity, alternate male/female singing and lyrics that are as great over the mic as they are to read. These folks are from Savannah, GA. For fans of Indian Summer, Ampere, Native Nod, Funeral Diner and anything like this that you love.

Band Home Page: http://www.circletakesthesquare.com

(From discogs.org)

Label: Robotic Empire
Catalog#: robo 031
Format: CD, Album
Released:06 Jan 2004
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore, Punk, Emo
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Submitted by:grammarcore


Same Shade As Concrete
In The Nervous Light
Interview At The Ruins
Non-Objective Portrait Of Karma
Kill The Switch
A Crater To Cough In


13 October 2008

Various Artists - Nothing's Quiet on the Eastern Front [Compilation] (Reservoir RSVR-016)

In support men who served in the Assfactor 4th Regiment for Her Majesty's Palmetto Flag Calvary, Division 1996, we recently unearthed a digital document capturing a piece of life during their brave time in battle. The Battle of Stars & Bars brought many casualties, but those lost were reaffirmed once the battle was won. Colonel Bickel, one of the few survivors of the 1996 Hardcore Insurrection, recalls the turning point of the Battle:

"We had just taken a hit of right-wing mortars and stained glass. My two best men were trying to pull away shards of candelabrum from their upper torso. Our frontline seemed grim, but then we suddenly gained momentum on sheer luck of reverting to our second battle strategy: emoviolence."

We here at Dancefloornumerology would like you to take a moment of silence to remember those in this digital artifact. Their sonic outlay, silent in our moment-to-moment world, remains comfortably contained within the diameter of this silver cicle.

Courtesy of Discogs.Com :

Label: Reservoir
Catalog#: RSVR-016
Format: Vinyl, LP
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore, Grindcore
Notes:This LP is a compilation of varous East Coast hardcore punk bands from 1996.

Only A Few Bands Provided Production Info:
(A4 & A5) - Produced by Max Henkel & Eucharist. Engineered by Max Henkel. Recorded & Mixed at Neptune Studios, Occoquan, VA - Febuary 12, 1996.
(B5 & B6) - Recorded by Erika Noize at Loho, New York City - Spring 1996.

(A10) - Is one continuous song consisting of a undetermined number of tracks. Each band has one page in the booklet insert but on the Dissasociate page their is just a bunch of random phrases, that may or may not be song titles. So their is no clear track listing provided for the Dissasociate tracks on this compilation.
*edit by disassociate* "Random phrases" = song titles"
Rating: No ratings yet. Rate It
Submitted by:nelone


A1 C.R. Nein
A2 C.R. Melting Hopeful
A3 Devoid Of Faith Maintain
A4 Eucharist (2) Poison The Supply

Producer - Maxwell Henkel
A5 Eucharist (2) Employed

Producer - Maxwell Henkel
A6 Halfman Flog
A7 Halfman In Control
A8 Coercion (2) Child's Play
A9 Coercion (2) Hooverville
A10 Disassociate Ode To The Bowery / Wake Up In The Morning Dead...

Producer - Klaus X Member
B1 Assfactor 4 Bonkee Number Three
B2 Assfactor 4 Cleenkee
B3 Dropdead Mindless Icon
B4 Dropdead Part Two
B5 Black Army Jacket Snort

Recorded By - Erika Noize
B6 Black Army Jacket Dog Teeth

Recorded By - Erika Noize
B7 Brutal Truth Postulate, Then Liberate
B8 Judas Iscariot (2) Bugs Will Run The World
B9 Judas Iscariot (2) Gospel Scholars
B10 Monster X Frustrated Existence
B11 Monster X Take A Walk
B12 Suppression Flies On Shit
B13 Suppression Unabomber
B14 Suppression System Upheaval


12 October 2008

Team Shadetek - WSHT Radio Mix

Here's an album to mix it up, well, quite a damned bit. I am a huge fan of Team Shadetek, and this mix literally blows my mind. It comes close to
DJ /Rupture's amazing mixes, but it does its own thing. Company Flow over Squarepusher. M.O.P. over Timeblind. Autechre and Ghostface in a hazy, harried and crackling background racing backwards with Ghost's steady flow.

Even if it's not your normal food for the ears, give it a try.

More Shadetek to come in the next few days!

** From
Crucial Systems :

Released: October 31,2003

The first publicly available mixtape from SHADETEk label operators Soze and Zats1 WSHT: Radio Mix catalogs the rotation sheet for WSHT, an imaginary radio station with an outernational footprint. Originating in Team SHADETEk's own SHTBox studios on Manhattan Island and being relayed via New Zealand WSHT is BLAZING Hiphop, Noise and R+B although due to sketchy broadcasting techniques lord knows what else might seep through the cracks. The tracks chosen for heavy rotation at WSHT, unlike other competing Manhattan based radio stations, are not chosen by fat briefcases of cash. Instead they reflect a selection of musics from like-minded spirits distributed throughout different geographic time-zones and eras selected with an ear towards illustrating links between artists who didn't know that they were connected. There are also a number of exclusive original SHADETEk productions as well as tunes from SHT affiliates which you will have a very difficult time finding anywhere else.


01 King Honey - Trinity (Shadetek Remix) (4:12)Â featuring Hez And Gos., featuring Kamachi, remix by Team Shadetek
02 Organized Konfusion - Hate (3:06)
03.2 Autechre - Gantz Graf
03.1 M.O.P. - Cold As Ice (3:09)
04.1 Timeblind - Doubt (3:54)
04.2 Tribeca (2) - ESPN Theme featuring Pharoahe Monch
05.1 High Priest - Stimulus Stimulator (2:48)
05.2 M. Sayyid - Good Friday
06 M.O.P. - Ante Up.Rmx (1:35)Â featuring Busta Rhymes
07.1 Killa Mike - Akshon (3:33)
07.2 Modeselektor - In Loving Memory
08.2 Company Flow - Patriotism
08.1 Squarepusher - Big Loada (5:03)
09.1 Cormega - Killers Theme (4:18)
09.2 Team Shadetek - Play This. Inst.
09.1 - Killers Theme (4:18)Â featuring Mobb Deep
10.1 Dr. Dooom - I Run Rap (4:29)
10.2 Ed Rush & Optical - Sick Note
11 Tame One - Crazy (3:42)Â featuring Xing & Fox
12.1 Autechre - Netlon Sentinel (3:28)
12.2 Ghostface Killah - Stroke Of Death
13 Micranots - Balance (3:48)
14 Cyne - African Elephants (Danny L Remix) (3:11)Â remix by Danny L
15 Non Phixion - Black Helicopters (2:21)
16 Dp'Z - We Need A Revolution (2:23)
17 DJ /rupture - High Resolution (4:09)
18 North Manc Beds - Bugaboo (3:19)
19.1 Cee-Lo - Big Ole Words. (Damn). (2:45)
19.2 L'usine - Upcgriqr


Team Shadetek - WSHT Radio Mix (FLAC LOSSLESS)

11 October 2008

Crimson Curse - Greatest Hits (Three One G 10)

From Last.FM

As Crimson Curse frontman Justin Pearson said in an interview with Skatepunk.net, “Jimmy LaValle and myself wanted to start a shitty band with no seriousness, no real message, just rock ‘n’ roll. Just to be shitty, start shit with stupid kids, try to play with bands that were assholes, jocks, straight edge, whatever, just as long as we didn’t fit in. Make punk threatening. Push people’s buttons. Get beat up.
I think that whole seriousness in punk that we experienced from bands like Struggle or Downcast started this whole thing. At first it was important. People were saying interesting stuff, being informative, and so on. Then it went in some weird direction where it was so white-middle-upper-class, so safe and contrived. It was boring and nothing real was happening. I guess we just wanted to see something cool, something with fire and anger. But at the same time, test people. I think we set out to do something like the Dead Boys, or something along those lines. We got all these fucked-up kids together, made some punk music. That was it.”

The Crimson Curse had the sort of dark, swirling lava people that like Chuck Berry and Little Richard had in their veins. That edgy, wide-eyed angst, and that quaking, uneasy suspicion that all is not right in the world and maybe, just maybe, you (as that outta-step boy/girl with guitar/piano/voice) are the one to change things. (note: we’re talkin’ about rock ‘n’ roll in its purest form .

I remember the day I bought this album. It was the Tuesday that it came out. I was obsessed with Three.One.G and the musicians in and around this scene. I always seem to find the greats posthumously.

The Crimson Curse - Greatest Hits (FLAC LOSSLESS)

Constatine Sankathi - Discography (Council Records 12)

**Update 08 Mar 2014: Link has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience**

From Council Records:
[Constatine Sankathi CD] CONSTATINE SANKATHI DISCOGRAPHY CD Council Records No. 12 Winter 1998 - Currently Out of Print Husniyah, I'm an Android, Esoteric, Canoe, Classical, Skies Are Home, Thanks for the Candy, In December, Listening Palms, Paint My Entire Body Black, Day, Rising Sun , Classical, Thanks for the Candy, Some Kind of Wonderful, Cold Air Falls , Forget Everything I Told You, Fully, Husniyah, Waxing the Boat Pressing Info: First Press - 1044 with Handscreened envelope covers with 32-page booklet (200 with handscreened CD sleeve, 100 with silver Cormac in lower right corner on front cover). Final 100 or so were CDR reproductions with all the original packaging.

I picked up the limited edition CDR with all the fancy trimmings. This band helped drive more of the discordant side of emo, not afraid to let the structure slip and fall into a chaotic release of human energy. It's different to listen to it now, but it represents a time of my life much different than now: a memory more detailed than a picture.

Constatine Sankathi - Discography (FLAC LOSSLESS)

Indian Summer - Discography (Remastered)

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**UPDATE (18 April 2012): Download link has been FIXED! Enjoy!**

This was an inspired album cover courtesy of Hardcore for Nerds. I encourage you to check out all that's there. Sound and style!
From Last.FM:
Indian Summer was a band from Oakland, California. They existed during 1993 and 1994.

Their sound leaned heavily on loud-soft dynamics, pushed to the extremes on either end. Many of their songs built up to chaotic, cathartic climaxes; in which the singer screamed the lyrics (often past the point of easy intelligibility) while the band tore into their instruments. The other end of the spectrum involved spoken or whispered lyrics, coupled with delicately picked single note guitar lines and light drumming. This sound can be traced to current bands such as Envy and Life at These Speeds, who aim for similar cathartic heights.

The band released a self titled 7”, a split 7” with Embassy, and split 7’ with Current and Ordination of Aaron. They were also featured on Tree Record’s “Eucalyptus” 2x7” comp, Slave Cut’s “Ghost Dance” 2x7” comp, as well as a Food Not Bombs compilation LP that came out on Inchworm (same label as the split with OOA). They also released a live-on-the-radio CD entitled Live Blue Universe, which is necessary listening (there are also two live shows floating around, one at Pitzer College, the other at 924 Gilman).

Around 2002, one of the members compiled Indian Summer’s studio songs and pressed a limited-run 9-song discography CD, and in 2006 they reissued the Live: Blue Universe CD featuring the aforementioned previously unreleased live set recorded at Pitzer College, and a radio session from 90.1 KZSU (Stanford Radio) recorded in 1996.

Indian Summer took true emo to a whole new level. They along with bands like Portraits of Past, Reach Out and Frail brought the soft, loud, soft dynamic and actually paid attention to making it work.

This release was converted to a lossless format known as FLAC. It can be converted to any level of mp3 that you want. Hit up Google with 'FLAC to mp3' for information on how to do it.

Indian Summer - Discography (REMASTERED)