12 October 2008

Team Shadetek - WSHT Radio Mix

Here's an album to mix it up, well, quite a damned bit. I am a huge fan of Team Shadetek, and this mix literally blows my mind. It comes close to
DJ /Rupture's amazing mixes, but it does its own thing. Company Flow over Squarepusher. M.O.P. over Timeblind. Autechre and Ghostface in a hazy, harried and crackling background racing backwards with Ghost's steady flow.

Even if it's not your normal food for the ears, give it a try.

More Shadetek to come in the next few days!

** From
Crucial Systems :

Released: October 31,2003

The first publicly available mixtape from SHADETEk label operators Soze and Zats1 WSHT: Radio Mix catalogs the rotation sheet for WSHT, an imaginary radio station with an outernational footprint. Originating in Team SHADETEk's own SHTBox studios on Manhattan Island and being relayed via New Zealand WSHT is BLAZING Hiphop, Noise and R+B although due to sketchy broadcasting techniques lord knows what else might seep through the cracks. The tracks chosen for heavy rotation at WSHT, unlike other competing Manhattan based radio stations, are not chosen by fat briefcases of cash. Instead they reflect a selection of musics from like-minded spirits distributed throughout different geographic time-zones and eras selected with an ear towards illustrating links between artists who didn't know that they were connected. There are also a number of exclusive original SHADETEk productions as well as tunes from SHT affiliates which you will have a very difficult time finding anywhere else.


01 King Honey - Trinity (Shadetek Remix) (4:12)Â featuring Hez And Gos., featuring Kamachi, remix by Team Shadetek
02 Organized Konfusion - Hate (3:06)
03.2 Autechre - Gantz Graf
03.1 M.O.P. - Cold As Ice (3:09)
04.1 Timeblind - Doubt (3:54)
04.2 Tribeca (2) - ESPN Theme featuring Pharoahe Monch
05.1 High Priest - Stimulus Stimulator (2:48)
05.2 M. Sayyid - Good Friday
06 M.O.P. - Ante Up.Rmx (1:35)Â featuring Busta Rhymes
07.1 Killa Mike - Akshon (3:33)
07.2 Modeselektor - In Loving Memory
08.2 Company Flow - Patriotism
08.1 Squarepusher - Big Loada (5:03)
09.1 Cormega - Killers Theme (4:18)
09.2 Team Shadetek - Play This. Inst.
09.1 - Killers Theme (4:18)Â featuring Mobb Deep
10.1 Dr. Dooom - I Run Rap (4:29)
10.2 Ed Rush & Optical - Sick Note
11 Tame One - Crazy (3:42)Â featuring Xing & Fox
12.1 Autechre - Netlon Sentinel (3:28)
12.2 Ghostface Killah - Stroke Of Death
13 Micranots - Balance (3:48)
14 Cyne - African Elephants (Danny L Remix) (3:11)Â remix by Danny L
15 Non Phixion - Black Helicopters (2:21)
16 Dp'Z - We Need A Revolution (2:23)
17 DJ /rupture - High Resolution (4:09)
18 North Manc Beds - Bugaboo (3:19)
19.1 Cee-Lo - Big Ole Words. (Damn). (2:45)
19.2 L'usine - Upcgriqr


Team Shadetek - WSHT Radio Mix (FLAC LOSSLESS)


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