13 October 2008

Various Artists - Nothing's Quiet on the Eastern Front [Compilation] (Reservoir RSVR-016)

In support men who served in the Assfactor 4th Regiment for Her Majesty's Palmetto Flag Calvary, Division 1996, we recently unearthed a digital document capturing a piece of life during their brave time in battle. The Battle of Stars & Bars brought many casualties, but those lost were reaffirmed once the battle was won. Colonel Bickel, one of the few survivors of the 1996 Hardcore Insurrection, recalls the turning point of the Battle:

"We had just taken a hit of right-wing mortars and stained glass. My two best men were trying to pull away shards of candelabrum from their upper torso. Our frontline seemed grim, but then we suddenly gained momentum on sheer luck of reverting to our second battle strategy: emoviolence."

We here at Dancefloornumerology would like you to take a moment of silence to remember those in this digital artifact. Their sonic outlay, silent in our moment-to-moment world, remains comfortably contained within the diameter of this silver cicle.

Courtesy of Discogs.Com :

Label: Reservoir
Catalog#: RSVR-016
Format: Vinyl, LP
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore, Grindcore
Notes:This LP is a compilation of varous East Coast hardcore punk bands from 1996.

Only A Few Bands Provided Production Info:
(A4 & A5) - Produced by Max Henkel & Eucharist. Engineered by Max Henkel. Recorded & Mixed at Neptune Studios, Occoquan, VA - Febuary 12, 1996.
(B5 & B6) - Recorded by Erika Noize at Loho, New York City - Spring 1996.

(A10) - Is one continuous song consisting of a undetermined number of tracks. Each band has one page in the booklet insert but on the Dissasociate page their is just a bunch of random phrases, that may or may not be song titles. So their is no clear track listing provided for the Dissasociate tracks on this compilation.
*edit by disassociate* "Random phrases" = song titles"
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A1 C.R. Nein
A2 C.R. Melting Hopeful
A3 Devoid Of Faith Maintain
A4 Eucharist (2) Poison The Supply

Producer - Maxwell Henkel
A5 Eucharist (2) Employed

Producer - Maxwell Henkel
A6 Halfman Flog
A7 Halfman In Control
A8 Coercion (2) Child's Play
A9 Coercion (2) Hooverville
A10 Disassociate Ode To The Bowery / Wake Up In The Morning Dead...

Producer - Klaus X Member
B1 Assfactor 4 Bonkee Number Three
B2 Assfactor 4 Cleenkee
B3 Dropdead Mindless Icon
B4 Dropdead Part Two
B5 Black Army Jacket Snort

Recorded By - Erika Noize
B6 Black Army Jacket Dog Teeth

Recorded By - Erika Noize
B7 Brutal Truth Postulate, Then Liberate
B8 Judas Iscariot (2) Bugs Will Run The World
B9 Judas Iscariot (2) Gospel Scholars
B10 Monster X Frustrated Existence
B11 Monster X Take A Walk
B12 Suppression Flies On Shit
B13 Suppression Unabomber
B14 Suppression System Upheaval


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