18 April 2012

Jimmy Swaggart - Flying Missiles, Atomic Bombs and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ (16RPM 12" vinyl)

Hallelujah, brothers and sisters! Reverend Swaggart is here tonight to talk to you about da bomb. This album is full of coded references to folks such as George Clinton and Gap Band. Perhaps it's a huge metaphor for solicitation of prostitution. 

Imagine an audience of polyester jackets, dacron pants, itchy dresses and netted hats. There are eddies of nods and waving hands throughout the congregation. The Cold War has got them scared stiff. The Seven Years War will be a high-tension, high-Roentgen battle of arms, hair, blood, teeth and soil. Oh, it's coming brothers & sisters, and Jimmy's here to help you make it from Har Megiddo to heaven. 

Sidebar: this is the first found audio that I've come upon that ran at 16 RPM. A few sites mentioned that many vinyls used in radio production were created at this speed to allow a greater density of stuff on a single platter. I guess Jimmy's record was played loud, long and proud via one of those Tennessee shortwave/AM stations high in the hills. Incidentally, many of those are still very active in the shortwave arena.

The album was ripped from an Ion USB LPDOCK into Audacity at 33 RPM. The tracks were slowed to the proper speed, then processed through Normalize and Click Removal. It was encoded with LAME 3.98, VBR v0, extreme preset. 

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